Monday, March 23, 2009

The Cat Playground

I already want to read more just because of the title...haha

SO, last night Jessica and I were grilling out (as lesbian lovers do), and the neighbor to the left whom we are friends with is standing on his deck and talking to us over his fence. Think Home Improvement style, although we could see his face.

He looks at us and referring to the neighbors to the right, he says.."What is that they're building out there?" We said, "umm....not sure..." And then proceeded to yell at our neighbors to the right and ask.

It was the old man--not sure he is the father of the teenager, or what. But, anyway, he answers and says.."Well, he's (referring to the young kid) been buildin' these cat playgrounds and sellin' em at the flea market..$150 a now I'm helpin' him--he's been makin' a killin'."

Our mouths dropped. First off, who ON EARTH comes up with the idea to build a cat playground, and second, who ON EARTH pays $150 for one??!!!! I mean seriously!!!!!

It was hysterical. Had to share. They're still out there...carpet everywhere, wood everywhere...

Guess the cat playground industry is recession proof. I think I'm gonna have to take pictures and post them. It is the weirdest thing ever. Oh, and the kid must be on Spring Break or something, cause he was out there by noon today. Maybe they're making him pay bills or something.


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